Instead of blending in, book a design day and get a brand right away.

Skip the line, collaborate with a strategic designer, and get your brand designed for you within hours. No more extended waiting, stressing about how unprofessional you look, or agonizing about your pieced together visuals. We are offering this service for a limited time where we use the power of strategy and design to create a fresh brand identity in less than 8 hours. The strategy section will be completed prior to your design day. 

We Combine strategy with aesthetics to bring you the deliverableS you need most.

I know the struggles of being a start-up business owner who has little funds to delegate. You might have attempted to design your own brand, or wasted time trying to piece together elements for your brand, and hiring a brand designer can seem like a really scary investment at first.

The problem is that it’s likely kept you from launching your business,  going live with your site, or being confident with your visuals.but we are here to show you that anything is possible, even building your brand in a day.

But you don’t need to delay it any longer!

Here's what's not working -

The typical branding process can include months of waiting or endless attempts of branding your own business.

the real question is... who has time for that?

If you haven’t heard of “day rates” or “VIP days” allow us to introduce you to them. They have become our favorite service in our business because honestly? They’re a total win-win. You get a brand that you’re actually excited to implement that also happens to bring in leads / sales / conversions, while you spend the day catching up on all the other things that matter to you – whether that’s client work, or quality time with the kids, or a day to yourself.  

Why you'll love it


Instant booking - no waiting for a proposal or consultation call. you're on a tight timeline and need a quick turnaround.


you're a start up with a small budget but need the branding essentials and waiting 2 months for a brand isn't going to work for you.


get the brand essentials delivered within ONE day while being able to collaborate throughout the process.


Lower cost investment but with the same level of passion, dedication, and expertise.


A 1-day VIP experience by Coby Creative

As our waitlist has gotten longer and prices have gotten higher, we wanted to offer something that meets your more pressing needs and helps you stop procrastinating with the branding you needed to get done…like last week…all without sacrificing any of the quality. The Design Day is here to provide you with the essentials of a brand design.

Our goal is to deliver brand strategy, creative direction, a mood board, primary logo, secondary logo, monogram, typography palette and color palette by the end of the day which is 8 hours of designing. We will discuss on the call if you need additional items and we will work on those if time allows. These items can be a business card, thank you card, digital ad, website banners, newsletter, social media templates, etc

how it all goes down

Step 01.

Book Brand Blitz Design Day

Upon booking, we will require a 50% deposit and will send over the welcome packet that has all the details about your design day experience.

step 02.

Strategy Workbook

Prior to your design day, we will send over a brand strategy workbook to give you the tools we need to start your design in a day with the proper foundation.

step 03.

design day

The day usually begins at 9 am depending on the time zone. we will jump on a zoom call to review and discuss strategy, then we will work on mood board first, then logos, and then the following assets,. We will check in for a quick call after logos have been designed.

step 04.


As the day comes to an end we'' get on a final closing call to walk through the deliverables, complete any minor revisions and recommendation for further implementation. We will send you the final files and formats that you will need to start using your brand.

Our goal is to realistically deliver....

Brand Strategy

Creative Direction + Mood board

Primary Logo, Secondary Logo + Icon/Monogram

Color palette

Typography palette

Style Guide


Ready to bring your brand to life?

Get your DESIGN DAY for:

Even though these are our favorite work days, our brand Magic experience is limited

There is only 1 spot left for May 2022

…and they’re booked on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once the dates are filled, they’re filled. Branding is a pivotal step to level up in your business and start making big change. 


you have a business foundation but no branding.

You have a business with defined core offerings and a general understanding of your audience

You're available for our client calls the day-of. (We're on PST but we are flexible with an Early/Late start based on timezones.

you understand the importance of branding and willing to let a professional take control.

Check all the boxes?
You're ready!

MEET your

hi there! i'm carrah

A brand strategist and designer who has worked with modern brands & creative entrepreneurs, and ambitious business owners. As a certified designer with a Bachelors in Design and Media Arts, I’m here to bring your brand to life through visuals and strategy.

I could not have done this without you! You're so amazing and I can't believe how fast your turnaround is. Thank you!

Lauren Griffin

Serving Memories

Stilll have questions?

When you choose our Brand in a Day, you are investing in our time, rather than deliverables. We can never guarantee that your entire brand will be complete in the 8 hours, but we have practiced this method and are confident that we will put our best efforts forward. We will discuss on our call which items are your priority.


For international clients, we may choose to conduct your strategy call on a separate day prior to the design phase. 3-4 hours of the day won’t require any involvement from you so we can work on this during our US working hours and have your outcome prepared for when you are ready to start your day - think of it as an overnight brand service!


Once your Brand in a Day service has been complete, our admin team will be on hand to assist you with your launch and will be happy to answer any questions you have for a 15 day period following the handover of your files. Should you want to book in for a more in-depth chat about how you can utilize your brand, this will also be an option made available to you.


Alternatively, should you wish to pursue additional services with us such as web design or social media assets, we would be more than happy to provide you with a quote.

This experience is specifically crafted to serve: - Service-based or product-based businesses - Course creators, coaches, online educators - Influencers and bloggers - A wide-range of new and established brands

We require a 50% deposit to schedule your VIP Design Day and get placed into our calendar. At the end of the design day you will be charged for the remaining 50% when we hand over the final files.

We are on call 3 times throughout the day to ensure that it's moving in the right direction. In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with your final outcome, you will be able to book additional time with us at an added cost to make any changes to your brand. We very rarely have a negative outcome, so please be aware that payment for our day services are non-refundable, and you will be provided with a contract outlining the terms of the project if we decide to move forward.

In the words of Paula Scher "It took me a few seconds to draw it, but it took me 34 years to learn how to draw it in a few seconds."

 The quality of the outcomes will never be compromised, and we hope that you trust us to produce an identity that is no less thoughtful than our larger-scale projects.

Should we have time at the end of the day to make changes, we would be happy to include this. But should you want additional changes after the 8 hours of allotted time, this will be an additional service and you can book more time with us.


Call us biased, but they’re all great options, so it just depends on which one is right for you at the right time.


As mentioned above, we generally run about a 1 to 2 month waitlist (sometimes longer!), so this gets you in the door much faster and at a slightly lower cost than our packaged services.


It’s also a great option for the start up brands that need the essentials to get started.


However, here are a few reasons why a fuller 1-on-1 package might be better for you:

- It includes more in-depth research, surveying, and customer interviews for more powerful, conversion-driven design

- Our packages provide more than what you get in a design day.

- You can align your project timeline with a broader project like a rebrand, sales funnel, or a more involved launch.

- More time spent working together gives your copy a longer “aging” time—aka more opportunity for revisions and review to ensure we get it just right.


If you're still feeling torn, reach out at and we'd be happy to further discuss the best option for you.

Get in touch at with your interest and a couple of dates that work for you and we'd be happy to see what we can make happen.

Ready to bring your brand to life?

Get your DESIGN DAY for: