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A fun way we Grow Our Email List – Guide for Creating A Quiz

First – We believe in full disclosure. Prior to making this post, we knew we wanted to create a quiz for our website. We wanted to create it for two reasons: 1. Our audience has trouble deciding what their brand style is and we wanted to create something that would be beneficial and easy for them. 2. We wanted to use the quiz as a content upgrade.

We started looking for the best possible solution and tried all different kinds of third-party options and we found and loved Interact Quiz and all of their features. As we were prepping our ideas for our quiz, Interact got in contact with me (talk about PERFECT timing) and so we are partnering up so I can bring you this blog post.

As you can tell by the title, we love using these quizzes to grow our email list so we thought we would share our experience, and what we like about using Interact, and how easy it is to create the quizzes.

1. Brainstorm Ideas

Before you even being using Interact. Start brainstorming ideas about what you want to quiz people on and what type of results they will choose from. You want to choose a topic that aligns with the rest of your brand. Make sure you are bringing people to your quiz that will eventually benefit from your services or products. For example, don’t create a quiz about what your personality type if you create products for photographers. If you’re a Squarespace designer, you can create a quiz that helps your audience decide which Squarespace template is best to use.

2. Write (or type) out your results and then your questions.

Decide the results that you want your audience to end up at. I suggest doing at least 3 end results but we went with 6 results for our quiz because it gives our audience the best possible answers.

Once we had the results we wanted to end up at, we worked backwards and created the questions from there. As brand designers, we have a questionnaire that we send out to clients so we grabbed some of our questions from there. If you’re a service-based company, you might be able to do the same.

The awesome part about Interact quizzes is that they let you create either text-based answers or image-based answers so as we worked backwards we decided how we wanted the answers for each question to appear.

Interact also integrates with Pixabay so you can choose from stock images without having to leave the page.

3. Sign up for Interact

Now that you have your questions and results ready, you can sign up for an Interact Account*

They have a forever free account that you can start with. Each plan comes with different options and integrations so you can start with a free account and upgrade to another plan if you need those integrations.

4. Create your quiz from scratch or from a template

We chose to create a quiz from scratch but if you are searching for more ideas, Interact gives you a ton of free template options that you can use and adjust to your business. You can click through them to see the type of questions they ask or what some of the best practices are.

5. Choose how the quiz will be scored.

Interact offers three different options on how to score your quiz. We chose “Personality” which is more like a Buzzfeed quiz while the “Scored” one is more like a Cosmopolitan quiz.

6. Start Editing Your Quiz

a. Enter in the title, description, call to action, and an image. This will most likely be the first image that users are going to see so try to make it visually appealing. (there is a setting to bypass this page and go straight to the first question)

b. Enter in the results that you brainstormed earlier. Interact literally walks you through each step so just follow and fill out for each step. You can choose as many results as you want and you can add a description and a call to action for each result. These call to actions can be directed to a specific page, blog post, or product that pertains to that result.

c. Start entering your questions and answers. Once you have your answers inputted then make sure you click on “Edit Result Correlations” so you can direct that question to one of the results. It’s very visual and makes it very easy to connect.

7. Connect Your Quiz to your Email Marketing

Interact integrates with various Email Marketing Client depending on your plan. So they will walk you through connecting your quiz to your Email Client and then you will be able to choose which results connect to the groups you created in your email marketing. There are a couple different ways to set this up, but we created a new group for each result, and then we connected that group to each result. That means, when you finish your quiz, you will get emailed your results. In our emails that we deliver, we also give them a call to action and let them know which products and services that we offer that correlate with their offer.

8. Design Your Quiz to Match your Branding

You can edit the fonts, colors and buttons on the quiz so that it matches your branding. It integrates with Google fonts and if you have the Adobe Typekit you can integrate with that too.

9. Publish and Embed to your Website

When you publish your quiz you get several options for adding your quiz to your website, you can embed it, you can make it a pop up on your site, you can add a header bar to alert your audience of your quiz and more. So we chose the embed code and we copied the Javascript link and we are placing it on a new Squarespace page. We created a new page, used the code block, and pasted the code into the website. That simple!


10. Market Your Quiz

Now that your quiz is setup, start marketing it and sharing it with your audience. We emailed our newsletter and we also posted it on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook etc. and then start to see your email list grow.

We hope this was helpful for you and we encourage you to check out Interact. They have even more features that aren’t listed here and it makes it so easy to create a quiz. They have analytics for tracking so you can see how your audience makes it’s way through the quiz, if they stop at a certain spot, or if a question is causing them to turn away. We’ll continue to use those stats to make updates to the quiz.

Do you want to take the quiz? Check it out below!



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