My heart lights up when I see a business transform from an idea into a living, breathing brand. To me, A business Doesn’t represent an income, it represents people pursuing their passions, designing a life they love, and making an impact in this world. So it means so much to me when I get to be a part of that process.

Little did I know that when I was learning how to design that I would have such a passion for using design to help people transform their lives and help them follow their passions. We’re here to collaborate, educate, and be a helping hand on your brand’s journey. We want to see you win!
We believe in empowering entrepreneurs through strategic design and education to build the business of your dreams and design a life you love.
We’ve created our studio around the idea of  designing with strategy while educating throughout the process. We believe in using strategy and psychology rooted in human decision making to design.
We’d love to help you with the design and creative direction aspect so that you can have one less thing to stress about, because we know how hard running a business is!




Coby Creative is less about me and more about you and the things we can create together to grow your business. I can’t wait to collaborate with you to create a love story between your brand and your audience. Between projects (which is rare because I love working),  you’ll find me on my road bike or peloton (cody rigsby is my fave!), at the beach, cuddled up reading a book, or  learning something new.

My experience is enhanced by higher education - a Bachelor’s in Design and Media Arts from UCLA, in-house designer for multiple corporations, and designer for a print studio.


I’ve worked with clients ranging from wedding industry professionals, to designers & digital creators, to e-commerce, to real estate, to sports industries, to finance, to corporate franchises.


My work at in-house print agency taught me all the ins and outs of printing, including digital printing, packaging, spot colors, bleed and trim marks, die cutting, and so much more. This is also the studio that inspired me to be my own boss. 


My work at the in-house corporations has taught me about collaboration, processes, and strategy. 


If you’re looking to outsource and need someone to take the lead on your next brand project, you’re looking at the girl for the job.

This business is fueled by passion.


I’m obsessed with seeing how graphic design can light up a creative entrepreneur, breathe fire into their spirit, and revitalize the passion they have for their business. It truly takes your dreams from your head into a visual space to share and inspire others.  


I have loved every second of the relationship-building aspect that comes from working with clients. 


I love seeing people succeed, so you'll always have someone in your corner whether we're chatting about Grey's anatomy or needing a color palette for your latest project, I'm here to cheer you on or give advice.


After looking around my little digital nook in the internet, feel free to reach out!



I'll always be passionate about being the best possible graphic designer I can be. A love of designing and creating was ingrained in me and I enjoy pushing the boundaries.


We try to keep as much of the work on us, but client input and prompt, open communication is critical to ensuring each project goes smoothly and is delivered on time.


Just as important as our craft is creating a reliable, professional, and memorable experience for our clients. We're truly grateful for each one and see this as a collaboration.

HARD WORK while having fun

We love working hard but we love having fun as well. We work long hard hours and love what we do, but we also like being casual and having a good laugh.

Coby Creative is a great fit if...

You have clearly defined offerings and a core understanding of what your business is all about.
You're ready to hand over the reins and start seeing results.
you understand how much branding can make an impact on your business
you're obsessed with all things business as well.

WE BELIEVE IN A collaborative PROCESS, intentional DESIGN, value-driven, an ambitious MINDSET, and DESIGN that converts.



Human connection has the power to deepen the moment, inspire change and build trust. We believe in creating brands that will create a connection with the target audience.


Consistently deliver quality content, value, products and services that help our audience succeed.


We believe in having the courage to show up every day and be the best person we can be without letting fear keep us small. Owning a business is all about having courage to keep showing up even when things get tough.


Creativity encompasses the ability to discover new and original ideas, connections, and solutions to problems. Our goal is to infuse creativity into every brand, story, and website that we make so it resonates with your audience.

I wholeheartedly BELIEVE THAT EVERYONE SHOULD design THE LIFE THEY LOVE AND PURSUE THEIR dreams and passions. 


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My middle name is Coby - That's where the studio name comes from.



Education & experience

I was doing the corporate route and working my way through getting as much experience as possible. While getting the itch to start my design studio


Launched as Brand Blitz

Started a design studio and gained so much knowledge of the business side and FELL IN LOVE. I love the combination of being creative and logistical.


Coby Creative comes to life

Coby Creative is the grown up version of my first studio as we transition into design, strategy, and education. We want to teach and share all our knowledge that we have collected.

FUN facts


 Los Angeles, CA

Favorite Color 


Favorite Book 

 Pride and

Favorite show 

 Grey's Anatomy


 Cycling / Peloton


 Taylor Swift


 Type 3


 the beach

Meyers Briggs 


nice to meet you...

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